NanoShunt Project:


NanoShunt, LLC is a biomedical R&D Company conducting collaborative research with Neurosurgery Department, Medical Collage of Georgia (MCG) at Augusta University, GA on fluid transport and advanced implant engineering solutions for hydrocephalus disease.


Hydrocephalus (“increased water on the brain”) is treated by shunting of the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) from the ventricle to a variety of body cavities via tubes embedded underneath the skin. This causes pain and discomfort, disconnection, shunt blockage, migration, occlusion, infection, bowel injury, and revision of shunt. Alternate technologies are needed for this historically utilized shunting method.

The New Technology and Theory:

NanoShunt project focusses on a direct method of dispersion and disposal of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) by converting it into  an ultrafine CSF mist.  The mist then disperses, evaporates, dissipates by absorption, diffusion, and transport.  The new technology would obviate the need for tunneling a catheter through the subcutaneous tissues of the neck and tubes under the skin to peritoneal cavity. This a "paradigm shift" with a potential for direct disposal of CSF by perspiration and absorption without shunting tubes. A patent is pending on the method and device.

NanoShunt will be implanted underneath the scalp, above the ear. The technology is in the early stage of testing on small animals.

Current Status of NanoShunt Product:

  • The first milestone shows potential to directly disperse and dispose of CSF, without shunt tubes.

  • Prototype has been tested to demonstrate the diffusion and absorption of CSF by cadaver skin.

  • Preliminary results are encouraging. Further minimization and testing are planned.

  • Conversion of CSF into nanomist droplets (and subsequent evaporation)  is a paradigm shift in diverting the excess CSF to absorbing body media. This approach has the potential to avoid plumbing using shunts, tubes or catheters.

  • The miniaturized implant is now ready for small animal studies


Patent and Trademark:


  • A utility patent and an International (PCT) patents have been filed on April 25, 2019 on "METHOD OF REMOVING FLUID FROM THE BODY, AND DEVICE THEREFORE".

  • A provisional patent is being drafted on miniaturized version of implant which is being planned for small animal testing.

  • A trademark is pending on NanoShunt.

Company Business Plan: 


Miniaturized  version of NanoShunt implant. is now ready for small animal study.   We are exploring  early stage acquisition of the technology by a medical device industry or Joint Venture after completing animal study (about 2-3 months)..

Professor Cargill H. Alleyne, Jr., M.D. (Neurosurgery)  and K. C. Adiga, Ph.D. (CTO) will be pleased to discuss or answer any questions on the potential of this new approach of "atomization and direct disposal of CSF' to treat hydrocephalus disorder.